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K Krishnan


The selection of the best college to meet your needs is an important one. Your educational journey is as significant as any other journey you may take throughout your lifetime because your approach to learning is the only permanent thing that lies with you for a lifetime.Our college hopes you will take that journey with us! We have excellent academic programs and general education courses that will promote your journey to prepare you for higher level learning .Taliparamba Arts & Science College gives areas that provide foundational skills to serve you in any future courses.As president of Taliparamba Arts & Science College, I encourage you to check us out and consider us as your college of choice. We know that if you choose us, your educational journey will be successful and enriching. If we are your college of choice, we will serve you with the utmost academic spirit and sincerity, community opportunity and numerous possibilities that allow you to serve and lead within your own college environment. Choosing Taliparamba Arts & science College will be one of the best decisions you make on your educational journey. Hope to see you here!

E Mohanan


The Taliparamba Arts & Science College’s first priorities are students, their learning and their success.Our College serves the diverse educational, economic and cultural needs of the student by providing associate degrees, transferable, career and basic-skills courses and programs.Education is an opportunity that can be a friend for a long time. If you are exiting your schoolings, our institute may provide a great transition. Our support services that can help you find the right path and fantastic opportunities to be involved in the college community. Many of us will have more than one career in a lifetime, and you may need a college that can help you find that second or third employment opportunity. Our College has classes, support, and tutoring to get you through!There are many opportunities here for you in our college. We have incredible staff, service and learning at every turn. More important, Taliparamba Arts & Science College needs you as well.



The Taliparamba Arts and Science College founded by the Taliparamba Educational Co-Operative Society has completed 16 years of its existence. As it is in its infancy, our college is not free from its “teething troubles”. The growth and development of this institution is primarily due to the sincere and self less service of the Board of Directors and the presiding visionaries. At present the college offers : M.Sc Physics, B.Sc Physics, B.Sc Electronics, BBA, B.Com Co-Operation, BA English We believe in the saying “Education is the finest investment and un surpassed insurance for survival”. The founding fathers of this institution envisioned that “Quality is the most wanted property” of higher education and accordingly set high standards and objectives for providing learning skills and knowledge. The most desired and coveted objectives is to bring out quality students who are disciplined, motivated and knowledgable, with the inner urge to become good citizens and assets for the society.