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Taliparamba Arts and Science College founded by the Taliparamba Educational Co-operative Society is a self financing institution in the realm of higher education, sanctioned by Govt. of Kerala vide G.O. (MS) 110/2002 H. Edn dated 17.8.2002. The college is affiliated to Kannur University. Academic excellence is the hallmark of this college. The Taliparamba Educational Co-operative Society Ltd. No. C.855 well established in 1981 for the unique purpose of meeting the educational needs of the younger generation yearning for various avenues in the realm of higher education. In addition to the celebrated Arts & Science College, the following institutions are functioning in a strategic cluster of buildings put up by the society in its Headquarters at Palayad, Taliparamba Town.

1. LBS Centre for Science & Technology (A joint institution with Govt. of Kerala).
2. Taliparamba Co-Operative Press.
3. Akshaya Centre.
4. Organic Fish Farming.